Just another obsession

I only signed up because I was curious, that and I was procrastinating. Little did I know that Facebook would quickly, instantaneously become a daily must see.


I'm Still Here...Barely

Happy belated New Year! (Although I think I'm just in time of Lunar New Year!) Sometimes life just seems to get in the way of blogging; I'm certainly guilty of that! Having to wake up early the next morning doesn't leave me a lot of time to do much of anything in the evening. The cycle of getting ready for the next day is unending: packing our lunches, making coffee.

I'm definitely back into the groove of going to work everyday again. And I'm enjoying my daily commute into San Francisco via BART. I especially love the fact that I get 40 minutes of reading time both ways. I've already finished three books since the end of December! That's a record because I usually take a couple weeks to read a book.

I wish I could be home tomorrow to watch the Inauguration live on tv. I envy everyone in Washington right now. I would have loved to be in D.C. (20 degree weather too) to experience this historic event.


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