the jalapeno incident

Just a quick psa to everyone: wash your hands thoroughly after slicing jalapenos, or better yet, wear gloves! I found out the hard way over the weekend what happens when you don't wash your hands well. I didn't, then touched one eye (that's all it took). I was a mess! In the process of flushing out one eye I managed to also get my other eye. It was excruciating especially after I removed my contacts. It felt like my entire face was burning; the skin around my eyes and nose were so inflamed that it was red. I wish I had the presence of mind to have Jay take a picture of me. That would have been hilarious! End of psa.

Otherwise, I had a great weekend! I got to scrap a little, but got sidetracked with archiving pictures. I've been needing to do that so I'm very happy that it's finally done! I was so engrossed with the archiving project that I didn't have time to take a picture of my layout. I'll post it tomorrow.


it's aloha friday

Yay! This week just dragged on endlessly! I'm very happy that it's over because I'm ready for the weekend! Nevermind that Saturday will be spent waiting, hopefully at Barnes & Noble, while both of our cars get serviced; nevermind that Sunday will be spent working on the landscaping. It's still the weekend.

I'm kicking off my wonderful weekend scrapping at Picture Me Perfect and with Suzy who just came back from teaching in Brazil. I'm sure she's has lots 'o stories to tell! Can't wait! I haven't scrapped since June so I'm really excited!


Blame it on the Mojo

I had every intention this weekend to scrap, but that, of course, didn't happen. I didn't even put my hands on any pretty pattern paper. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME???? I have not scrapped since June. JUNE! Arrgh! I did come across some layouts that I created a couple months ago that I have not posted.

Jay at Yosemite

Me and my cousin

On a side note, the Heroes premiere last night was a bit of a disappointment. It has definitely lost the magic it had in the first season.


Must See TV!

In honor of the first big week of season premieres, here is my list of "must see TV" by day.

Heroes (can't wait!)
My Own Worst Enemy

The Mentalist
Without a Trace
Law & Order: SVU
The Shield

Private Practice
Criminal Minds (Shemar Moore, yum!)
America's Next Top Model
Lipstick Jungle

American's Best Dance Crew

The Ex List

Amazing Race
Cold Case
The Unit

Yes, it's a tall order of a schedule and logistically, I can't watch all of them. I also know that I probably won't be watching all of them at the end of the season, but a girl can try. There are so many other shows slated for mid-season that it is too overwhelming.


Happy Belated Birthday...to ME!

August 30th to be exact. We just happened to be flying to Hawaii that very day! It's still hard to believe that I've been on this earth for 35 years. Craziness, I say. I don't look a day over 18; and I'm still convinced that people look at me and think I'm only a teenager. Although my age must be showing since I've notice that I'm carded less often and I'm called "ma'am" more. I am happy to be where I am even with all my idiosyncrasies. I wouldn't be me without them!

Anyway, here are some highlights from our vacation. Enjoy!

Snorkeling trip off of Ko Olina, Oahu

"Dolphin stalking"

The friendly neighborhood chickens on Kauai

I'll post some layouts when I actually create something which I was hoping to do tonight! Looks like it's going to be a late night. . .



Coming back to work after a vacation, whether short or long, is just plain hard. Every morning I wake up thinking we're still in Hawaii, but when my feet touch the floor, I realize that I'm in Fremont, CA.

This weekend will be our first full weekend since coming back from vacation, so you know what that means, right? It means we will be catching up on all the errands and chores that were left undone while we were away. UGH!

I'll have one small respite: I'm getting a badly needed hair cut and color tomorrow (can't wait for the massage). I want to do something a little different, but not drastic; I'm just not sure what.


Home Sweet Home

I'm back! J and I had a wonderful two week vacation in Hawaii: one week on Oahu and one week on Kauai. I have a ton of pictures to share! Alas I have not had a chance to download the pictures from the cameras. I hope to get to it tonight.

I can't tell you how rejuvenated I feel. Two weeks of doing nothing but eating, reading, playing in the sun, and sleeping does a lot of good for mental and physical health! But as much I love being home with family (I still call Hawaii home, I'll never stop doing that), I'm happy to be back in good old California. And it's also great to be back in our home, with our dogs, and our furniture.

I'm soooo looking forward to getting into my scrap room and scrapping ASAP. As of this moment, I really haven't scrapped in ages! I have so many delicious kits waiting for me I don't know just where to start.


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