Finally. . . FALL!

Just loving the overcast sky and cooler weather today. . . the typical Indian Summer is finally coming to an end and it's feeling more like Fall than ever! It has even drizzled a little! The forecast for the weekend is. . . RAIN! Only I could be happy about rain. It's indoor activity weather, ie. scrapbooking, reading, scrapbooking, movie watching and scrapbooking!!!

I finished my Christmas tag swap and I love them! I hope the girls in the swap like them too!! I had a lot of fun designing these!

We're having the perfect dinner for this cold day. I'm trying a lentil and sausage stew in the slow cooker. I hope it tastes as good as it smells! I'll let you know tomorrow.


Week in Review

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week. Here's a quick rundown:
  • Voted via absentee over the weekend!
  • Had a good interview last week. Yah!
  • Attended Mass for the first time in a while on Saturday. I can't tell you how good it felt to be there. Listening to the sermon, I remembered how important Mass once meant to me and I realized how important it still is.
  • Took a wonderful ATC class with Debby Schuh at Picture Me Perfect. I had an awesome time AND the project is just gorgeous!!! I'll post a pic after I finish punching the cards!!
  • Picked up my new glasses and I absolutely LOVE them!!

So excited for the new week! I'm looking forward to this Friday when J and I are going to spend all day together. I'm not sure exactly what we're doing, but we're definitely having Indian food at some point. Yum!


It's a Miracle!

I actually got crafty the last two weekends! Last weekend I worked on a circle journal. The theme for this book is "I Would Love to..." I had a lot of fun with this one. I'll post all of my entries after our final exchange in December. I can't wait to get mine back! Anyway, I had my camera out for some reason so I decided to take a picture of my desk. It's quite a mess, isn't it? Of course I had to clean it before I could start another project.

This weekend I created this card for a swap at Picture Me Perfect. I had a lot of fun with all of the ladies: Suzy, Shelley, Vickie, Patty, Jeanne and Linda.

I also finished the images for the Stamped Image swap at SISTv. Here's a little sneak.

And it's going to another scrappy weekend for me. Debby Schuh is teaching a couple classes at Picture Me Perfect and will also be at a crop on Friday night. And I'm going to be there. The class I'm taking is just adorable!


trick or treat?

Got this from my SIL the other day. Given the state of the economy I thought it was funny. Hope you got a laugh out of it!

Seriously, the economy is getting more worrisome by the day. While Jay and I have tried to cut back on some things, like carpooling to work (to save on toll), packing lunches, buying only what's on sale unless we really need it, we haven't really bit the bullet and done more. I'll admit that I have a bad scrap supply habit. I could totally do some cutting in that area. Right now I only have one monthly kit subscription, but I go to my lss weekly and almost always buy something (blushing). I'm trying think of other ways to cut back. What are you doing to help yourself during this economic crisis!

If you haven't already done so, PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE! This is an important election! Exercise your right!


i'm a loser

Had to report to jury duty today (yuck!). Woke up super early because I had to drive to Oakland and didn't know how traffic was going to be. So why am a loser you ask? As I park my car, I remember that I have no cash which is the only form of payment that the parking structure takes. What's the problem you ask? Don't you have ATM card? Of course I have a ATM card...but I don't use it very often and don't remember my pin number. So I painstakingly counted quarters, dimes, and nickels for a total of $7. Ugghhh!

The other day I came across a new sketch blog called Inspired Blueprints. It looks pretty cool. Here's the first sketch. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but as soon as I do, I'll definitely post it. Check it out!

In other news, I'm trying to find balance in life. I'm finding that scrapping and reading time are so often sacrificed for TV time. Need to change that immediately! That and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.


cupcake dreams

Last week when I went to grab a bite to eat at the Palo Alto Town & Country, I noticed that finishing touches were being put on a Kara's Cupcakes. Since Jay and I didn't carpool yesterday, I went to check it out during lunch. O.Mi.Gosh! Swoon! I was in Cupcake Heaven! (I passed up a Cheesecake Factory cupcake at Barnes & Noble, so I was still totally craving one.) It is a cutest shop with lost of pink!! There are two other locations, both in San Francisco, and another one will be opening in Santana Row in San Jose sometime this month. After surveying the delectable selection, I chose 4 cupcakes: Vanilla Chocolate, Chocolate Velvet, Java, and Fleur de Sel. All I can say is "yummy"!

I'm so excited because local meteorologists are forecasting rain for tonight through tomorrow. Yay! Can I just say that I love a rainy day!! It's the best excuse to scrap or curl up with a book, a warm and cozy blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate. Love, love, LOVE! Fall if definitely here!


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