And the Weiner, I Mean, Winner is ....

David Cook! Woo hoo! Inspite of the fact that I think coming in second would have been better for his career (although coming in first has been great for Kelly and Carrie) I feel vindicated that, in a season of ridiculous voting, the American Idol watchers finally got something right! Twelve million votes!?! (Probably thanks in part to all the "cougars" who have the hots for Cookie...lol!) I can't wait to buy that first CD!

I don't deny that David Archuleta is uber talented, but I sense a disconnect when he singing, but that comes with maturity. I think he should re-think his decision about not going on his mission. It should get him some life experiences that will totally help his music career. that kid as a long career ahead of him. He reminds me of someone, but for the longest time I couldn't figure out who. Then it hits me, he reminds me of Donny Osmond when he was little! What to you think?


Where did the weekend go?

Weekends are always too short!

I got some scrapbooking time away from home on Saturday night at my favorite place Picture Me Perfect. Yay! Had a great time with some truly amazing ladies: Amber, Lonae, Rocio, and Angel. As always thank you to for all the fun, laughs, and inspiration!

I missed a great picture (and scrapbooking) opportunity on Sunday. One of out little guys, Max, is generally a playful dog, but he absolutely HATES getting a bath. What he hates even more is the sound of running water, it completely freaks him out. He'll growl and snap at whomever is nearest (I've been on the receiving end during baths which is why it takes two people. So J had a brilliant idea of muzzling him during his bath over the weekend. It was the funniest sight ever, but there was no snapping and biting! Hooray!


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