thank goodness it's thursday!

I always dread this day. It comes twice a year and I'm never quite ready for it.

TEETH CLEANING! Woohoo!!! (Not!)

I had a load of fun with my 'favorite' hygienist who takes an unnatural pleasure and diligence in scraping plaque and tartar. She apparently takes her job very seriously. Normally, my time in the chair consists of a lot of scraping. And I mean a LOT. I think I have a pretty high threshold for pain, but I always try to brace myself for the jamming of pointed tools into my gums. Ugh! Jay, on the other hand, gets the lame sonic method of cleaning, which he claims is superlative to the old fashioned method. Weeny! I think pain and teeth cleaning go hand in hand like peanut butter & jelly.

Thankfully, however, I can proudly say that the scraping was minimal today and I managed not to rinse out a bloody clot or two into the bowl.

Here's to good hygiene!


waiting patiently

for these two yummy shoes to be delivered. I ordered them online last week because the selection at the brick & mortar Nordstrom was abysmal. Yes, that IS a 3 3/4 inch heel! Fabulous isn't it! Don't know yet where I'm going to wear it, but it's HOT!

Thank you Nordstrom Anniversary sale!! Without you I would never buy shoes because nice Size 4's can sometimes be so darn expensive.


Can I Just Have Some Time to Unwind?

Inspired by Jay and the Lupus Awareness Month I started running and lifing weights again a couple months ago for my health. Since May I’ve maintained a daily schedule of alternating run days and weight sessions. While I’ve gained, both in running and strength, I seem to have lost something quite precious to me: my weeknight evenings. Gone are the week nights spent watching TV, in my scraproom creating, or reading on the chaise sandwiched by two tiny dogs. No, my evenings now consist of working out, eating dinner at 9am (maybe earlier if we're lucky), packing our lunches for the next day, and washing dishes. When all is said and done, it’s already time for bed.

The weekends aren’t any better with household chores, errands that I can’t do during the week, and cooking meals for the coming week, I don’t get the time I need to just unwind and chill. Needless to say, I’m looking forward our vacation for some quiet time to rejuvenate my spirit. I know that sounds kind of corny, but it’s been feeling shabby lately despite the exercising.


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