no mas!

I've been struggling with the Bunny Hop baby blanket since I discovered that I had somehow reversed the pattern.

Not wanting to leave it as a "design element", I decided to frog back to before the mistake. And here is where all my frustration begins. Rather than heed the suggestion of a wise knitter, I did so without a lifeline or stopping point, mostly because I just don't know how.

I have now frogged my project two times and will more than likely frog it a third time since I'm having a difficult time inserting the circular needle below the mistake.

I refuse to be deterred. This will be done by the end of May!


ready for the week!

What a great weekend! On Saturday, SIL & BIL were feted with their second baby shower. I was not properly prepared since my D70 camera battery died about an hour into the party! My trusty point & shot was not so trusty either, but I managed to get some nice shots. I'll share some picture later this week.

After a crazy weekend, it was nice to sit down to a great deep dish pizza and a glass of wine on Sunday with Jay.

So happy!


on the mend

I am finally starting to recover from my sinusinfectionheadachefevercoughingchestinfection. I've been suffering not so quietly for over a week now and I'm just plain tired. I wish I could magically banish all my symptoms and be in perfect health again because hacking uncontrolably makes you a really unpopular person on the train.

Wish I could say I had a wonderful time at Savor Sonoma on Sunday. Unfortunately the fever specter followed me all day so I didn't enjoy it all that much. I was feeling a little better so I tasted a little, but I didn't want to go overboard since just the night before I had a fever and a headache. I should have brought the D70 with me and just taken pictures as it turned out to be a beautiful day in Sonoma (shouldn't be surprised, right?).

Of the few pictures I did take on Sunday, this is my favorite.
I got a little excited when we got to Benzinger Winery and saw the sheep grazing among the grape vines. No, they weren't grazing on the grapes (none to see just yet), but the mustard plants that have been growing unabated during winter. Benziger is a certified sustainable, organic, biodynamic vineyard. If you have a chance to get out there, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting them and its sister winery, Imagery Winery. Greats wines and a great time!


not like a lamb

March seems to be following in the same vein as February with something happening every weekend!

A couple weeks ago Jay and I jaunted off to Vegas for the 3rd time in six months (!) where we met my new nephew, Bailey. He is the lucky recipient of the Sheldon baby blanket. And although there is no photographic evidence, I did carry the little man.

Look at how he looks a his mama! So stinkin' sweet! He was hungry at this point and after much protest decided that the bottle would do.

We had to check out Aria, one of the many new hotels in City Center.

These flowers are made of chocolate!

Never playing blackjack there again! Four words: six deck automatic shuffler...ugh! Only going back to eat at the buffet (crab legs at lunch!) and get chocolate from Jean Philippe. It was a fun trip, but definitely too short!

I'm really looking forward to the annual Savor Sonoma food & wine tasting this Sunday with friends.

There's always yummy food and great wine. We're lucky to have a designated driver who only indulges in the food.


yarn hangover

Spent all day Saturday at Stitches West in the Santa Clara convention center fawning over and petting some of the most delicious yarn I've ever seen. {sigh}

As a Stitches "virgin" I had been forewarned about how overwhelming the event is and I mentally prepared myself and the good old pocketbook. I budgeted $150 for four projects which was completely unrealistic in retrospect. Not going to lie, I did go over, but not by a lot and only bought yarn two of the four projects, Sugar Maple Shawl and Green Gable. I also bought yarn and patterns for Clara (too cute!) and Overhill shawl (not yet on the Foxyknits website). Counterclockwise starting with the bag: Mission Falls 1824 in Raspberry, Koigu PP, Miss Bab's Yowza Whatta Skein! in Merlot Shadows, Isager Alpaca 2 in Fushia, and Lorna's Laces Peppermint Mocha (made especially for the event).

But before I can work with any of those yummy yarns, I need to finish the Bunny Hop blanket (my second and LAST blanket) and the Ruggles scarf.

Iit has taken all of February to get that much of the blanket done. I should have know there would be problems when I attempted to cast-on five times and frogged it each time. I'm only on the second repeat of six! The rows are not hard, but one can get easily lost when one does not pay attention.


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