on the needles

Not exactly, at least not yet.  What I do have, however, are two skeins of yummy Manos de Uruguay yarn in Adobe already wound and ready to go. 

This yarn is simply gorgeous.  The silk and merino blend is so soft to the touch.  It's going to make for a warm and pretty Eleanor cowl from the Knitty Deep Fall 2010 issue for my sweet mom.  She and my dad are coming for their second visit this year (mostly to raid my persimmon tree).  Soon.  Like in a couple of weeks.  And that means I have a quick deadline.  I told you my November was going to be crazy!

Did I mention that this yarn is just gorgeous?  I'm almost tempted to keep it for myself when I'm done.  Of course I would never do that.  I'll just have to knit one for myself in another colorway, perhaps Moss.

I'm hoping to cast on before the end of the week and post and update this time next week!


hello november

Was that a bullet train or October just speeding by?  I'm through the roof excited that it's November.  So much good stuff coming up this month.  Napa, Tahoe, parents visiting, Thanksgiving. It's going to be a good kind of crazy.

And I'm finally going to do a challenge I've been meaning to do for a couple of months now: 30 for 30.   I read about it here.  The concept is to choose 30 pieces of clothing (including shoes) then mix and match those pieces for 30 days.  Love.  This.  Idea.  And to make it more challenging: absolutely NO SHOPPING!

Part of the reason I'm doing this is to help me simplify my life.  I get caught up in the material things of life instead of focusing on what's real. 

Want to join me in this challenge?


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