did you miss me?

After my crazy first week of August, I needed a little time (like a whole week) to recover. So I unplugged from cyberworld for another week.  But I'm back!  I failed miserably on the 30 day photo challenge this month, as you can well see. Maybe I'll try again next month since it looks like life will be somewhat quiet again.

Despite needing a break, I'm really loving August. Jay and I finally kicked off my birthday month over the weekend with a trip to Red Robin for my birthday burger.  Guacamole. Bacon. Burger.

Yum, yum, YUM!  Thank goodness we only do this but twice a year because the calorie count is obscene!  (And it doesn't include bottomless fries and beer.)  Totally and completely WORTH IT!

Otherwise, the weekend was a sea of calm and serenity.  Just the way I like it.  And I finally gave myself a  pedicure on Sunday afternoon while watching a mini marathon of Torchwood episodes.  Have a great weekend!

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