february catch-up

Can't believe March is just around the corner and I've hardly blogged during February! Unfortunately I can't chalk it up to being crazy busy with work or being on vacation. I just haven't been in the blogging state of mind lately, mostly because, frankly, there's really nothing to tell. Plus, I've been glued to the horrible Olympic coverage by NBC since there really isn't another option.

We did hit the slopes twice for some snowboarding Sierra-at-Tahoe. We used our last two days of our 3-day lift ticket. We were in luck that it snow both times we went up. Love the powder! I'm just a beginner and after five days, I'm finally having fun and enjoying it (even the falling, but it's getting less and less).

Since they are within days of each other, we always celebrate Jay's birthday and Valentine's Day together. It was a weekend of food, food and more food.

And I finally finished the Sheldon baby blanket. I hope she likes it and will actually use it. After this next baby blanket I'm working, NO MORE BLANKETS!
Haven't done any scrapping lately. Keep thinking I will but end up knitting instead! Will have to do some soon since the 2009 December Daily is still in limbo and I want to finish a mini from last year's Savor Sonoma in time for this year's.

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