on the mend

I am finally starting to recover from my sinusinfectionheadachefevercoughingchestinfection. I've been suffering not so quietly for over a week now and I'm just plain tired. I wish I could magically banish all my symptoms and be in perfect health again because hacking uncontrolably makes you a really unpopular person on the train.

Wish I could say I had a wonderful time at Savor Sonoma on Sunday. Unfortunately the fever specter followed me all day so I didn't enjoy it all that much. I was feeling a little better so I tasted a little, but I didn't want to go overboard since just the night before I had a fever and a headache. I should have brought the D70 with me and just taken pictures as it turned out to be a beautiful day in Sonoma (shouldn't be surprised, right?).

Of the few pictures I did take on Sunday, this is my favorite.
I got a little excited when we got to Benzinger Winery and saw the sheep grazing among the grape vines. No, they weren't grazing on the grapes (none to see just yet), but the mustard plants that have been growing unabated during winter. Benziger is a certified sustainable, organic, biodynamic vineyard. If you have a chance to get out there, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting them and its sister winery, Imagery Winery. Greats wines and a great time!

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