praying for snow

J and I snuck away for some snowboarding over the weekend in Lake Tahoe.  Despite what you're heard, there is snow in the Sierras albeit man-made.  No complaints here.  Snow is snow no matter how it's made, and it is perfectly ride-able, there's just not a lot of it.

Like surfers praying for big waves, skiers, snowboarders, and snow enthusiasts alike are praying for snow.  We were completely spoiled last season with the over abundance of snow (and I totally wasn't complaining then either).

Still, it was a fabulous weekend!  Loved every minute on the mountain, despite the wind and the cold.  Loved that it felt so easy, almost like second nature. 

Guess I need to step up my snow dances if we're going to get any snow before Spring kicks in!

Happy Wednesday!

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