Happy Belated Birthday...to ME!

August 30th to be exact. We just happened to be flying to Hawaii that very day! It's still hard to believe that I've been on this earth for 35 years. Craziness, I say. I don't look a day over 18; and I'm still convinced that people look at me and think I'm only a teenager. Although my age must be showing since I've notice that I'm carded less often and I'm called "ma'am" more. I am happy to be where I am even with all my idiosyncrasies. I wouldn't be me without them!

Anyway, here are some highlights from our vacation. Enjoy!

Snorkeling trip off of Ko Olina, Oahu

"Dolphin stalking"

The friendly neighborhood chickens on Kauai

I'll post some layouts when I actually create something which I was hoping to do tonight! Looks like it's going to be a late night. . .

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