the jalapeno incident

Just a quick psa to everyone: wash your hands thoroughly after slicing jalapenos, or better yet, wear gloves! I found out the hard way over the weekend what happens when you don't wash your hands well. I didn't, then touched one eye (that's all it took). I was a mess! In the process of flushing out one eye I managed to also get my other eye. It was excruciating especially after I removed my contacts. It felt like my entire face was burning; the skin around my eyes and nose were so inflamed that it was red. I wish I had the presence of mind to have Jay take a picture of me. That would have been hilarious! End of psa.

Otherwise, I had a great weekend! I got to scrap a little, but got sidetracked with archiving pictures. I've been needing to do that so I'm very happy that it's finally done! I was so engrossed with the archiving project that I didn't have time to take a picture of my layout. I'll post it tomorrow.

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angela said...

ouch! and i thought chopping onions was bad! i just popped over from SIS to say hi. and i love your blog header!


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