right now

I finally get to start a new project and it's all for me! I'm planning on making Abalone, a short sleeved cardigan. The yarn is Mirasol Cotatani which I got at a great discount. 

I saw this list on Amy Tan's blog and thought it was a lot of fun! Here's my take on it!

listening: GLEE Showstoppers
eating: salad, rosemary fries & beer
drinking: beer (duh!)
wearing: shorts & a t-shirt
feeling: like I accomplished a lot today
weather: clear, cold with a little bit of wind
wanting: something sweet, anything with chocolate
needing: a massage & facial
thinking: I should probably hit the scrapping table while I have chance
enjoying: all the cooking I've done this weekend
wondering: what is coming week will have to offer

Now it's your turn!

Have great week!

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