flour + water

I love to bake and for almost a year now I've been wanting to make homemade cupcakes. Time, however, has been my saboteur. Over the weekend I finally carved out some time, sacrificing some cleaning that could wait until next weekend, and baked a batch of the Grand Dame of cupcakes, Red Velvet.

As you can see I skipped the food coloring, though the recipe also suggests using beet juice to give the cupcake it's red color. I suppose they can't really be called "Red Velvet" then. Still, very decadent and dangerous even without the deadly cream cheese frosting. I'll definitely be

Tomorrow is Friday! And if everything goes right (early office closing for the three-day weekend-love those three little words),  I have a date with some butter flour, sugar, and some nuts! I'm baking Russian Tea Cookies for Ms. H's 1st Birthday Part on Sunday. I'll be putting my nose to the grindstone to get everything done by that magic hour! 

Happy Thursday folks! xoxo

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