for the love of salsa

If you couldn't tell from my last post, J and I have a serious obsession with chips and salsa. In particular, we have an extreme fondness for fresh homemade salsa. Not the kind in a jar, full of preservatives that you can buy from the store, but the kind that you can actually smell the tomato, cilantro, onion, garlic. . .

Oh, sorry, kind of got lost in the thought there.

To enable said obsession, we added to our garden repertoire, tomatoes, cilantro and pesto (not for salsa, but for another soon-to-be addiction: pesto or bruschetta depending on how I feel).

The tomatoes are thriving, but the poor basil, not so much. If this keeps up any longer, I may have to go to "Plan B", which involves buying a new plant and giving him his own home (though this could mean more tomatoes). And unfortunately the cilantro is already starting to bolt.  The good news for the cilantro is that it is flowering so that means more seeds to plant!

The week seems to be going faster than usual, very unusual for a week leading into a three-day weekend! Oh, do I love the sound of that: three-day weekend. Can't wait! But I shouldn't get to ahead of myself, there's still three days of work to go. Happy Wednesday! xoxo

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