cupcake dreams

Last week when I went to grab a bite to eat at the Palo Alto Town & Country, I noticed that finishing touches were being put on a Kara's Cupcakes. Since Jay and I didn't carpool yesterday, I went to check it out during lunch. O.Mi.Gosh! Swoon! I was in Cupcake Heaven! (I passed up a Cheesecake Factory cupcake at Barnes & Noble, so I was still totally craving one.) It is a cutest shop with lost of pink!! There are two other locations, both in San Francisco, and another one will be opening in Santana Row in San Jose sometime this month. After surveying the delectable selection, I chose 4 cupcakes: Vanilla Chocolate, Chocolate Velvet, Java, and Fleur de Sel. All I can say is "yummy"!

I'm so excited because local meteorologists are forecasting rain for tonight through tomorrow. Yay! Can I just say that I love a rainy day!! It's the best excuse to scrap or curl up with a book, a warm and cozy blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate. Love, love, LOVE! Fall if definitely here!

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