license renewal fun

Wednesday morning I went to renew my driver's license at the DMV. I had to take a new picture (yuck, at least I have a great tan) and provide a thumb print. Just the thought of having to step into a DMV makes me shudder. I had an appointment for Monday to avoid having to wait, but the cancelled flight on Sunday night completely killed that. When I got to DMV there was already a line starting to wrap around the building and I braced myself for a painfully long wait. But to my surprise, DMV workers were very organized, assigning people to letter groups prior to the doors opening. Then once inside, we each received a number within our assigned letter grouping. Another worker administered eye exams as people waited to be called. Very efficient! Not words usually used to describe the DMV. What I thought was going to be a couple hours of hell turned out to be 15 minutes of not so bad. Props to the Fremont DMV at Dusterberry for totally making my day!

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