is it really august?

That means summer is almost over. . .CRAZY! I feel like summer just started. Jay and I haven't done any of our normal summertime activities like biking and going on picnics with Max & Sparky. *Sigh* I guess we just have to make the best of what is left.

Speaking of summer activities, Jay and I spent last Saturday afternoon at the annual Fremont Festival of the Arts. It was a beautiful day, albeit a tad bit windy. We lunched on fried rice and teriyaki chicken; both were were good. Then did a little window shopping. One of the reasons we go the the Festival is decor shopping. While most of the vendors are a little too kitchy and country, we always end finding one that really catches our eye. This year it was Chris Bryant Pottery who makes some absolutely stunning pottery. Unfortunately, he sold all of his larger pieces in the morning and for a good price. Lesson learned: the early bird gets the worm.

I always love walking around and checking out the vendors. However, I didn't quite enjoy the bar-like atmosphere of people congregating in one small area just drinking, nor did I enjoy the confusing beer/wine/margarita set-up. Too many intoxicated people in one dang place makes for big problems. Props to FPD officers whose presence was definitely felt.

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