already dreaming of this

The week seems to be dragging by. Is it just me or does this always seem to happen the week of a 3-day weekend? As you can see the baby blanket is coming along quite nicely. I finished the last yellow stripe last night and I am hoping to start the bottom border tonight. I am dreading the borders because they are in seed stitch and my continental purling sucks (throwing and moving the yarn back and forth for eight rows seems like a lifetime)!

So happy that Chuck premiered this week in triple dosage. He is so goofy and endearing it makes me smile! This will definitely keeping me sustained until Glee starts up again (wouldn't that be great if there was an episode where they sang?). Can we just fast forward through American Idol already?

Finally played with some paper last night and scrapped my first layout of the year (with hopefully many more to come)! Can't post it just yet because it's for the Lift Me Up challenge over at Cocoa Daisy.

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