friday faves

Although it's no longer in the 90's here in the Bay Area, summer is definitely in full effect! I absolutely hate looking out the window at work when the view is blue cloudless sky. But these wonderful finds this week remind me of all that the next couple months have to offer (including my tomato).
  • Fun idea, especially if you have out of town visitors. DIY summer in a bag
  • Perfect way to haul stuff around this summer.  totes 
  • The new-to-me Sweet Paul on-line magazine. I die! Amazing photos and food! 
  • Okay, these are not headbands are not just for summer, but are uber cute! Miss H just may see one in her future.  
Looking forward to a quiet weekend, some much needed cleaning, scrapping, ukulele playing, knitting, sleeping (and lots of it!), and maybe a run. Not necessarily in that order. Happy Friday!

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