summer loving

Every summer, without fail, my in-laws grow the most amazing zucchinis. There's no other word to describe them, but gigantic. I'll only eat zucchini because I need to eat my vegetables, but it has never been one of my favorites. We zap them in the microwave until mushy and just plain gross. Until now!

I discovered last weekend the new-to-me and only way to cook zucchinis (other than in zucchini bread, of course). GRILLED. With eggplant, red peppers, red onions, a touch of olive oil and salt & pepper. PERIOD.  Love! No sogginess, all deliciousness (is that even a word?). J and I grilled another batch tonight from last week's leftovers and we literally inhaled it. Yum! I can pretty much guarantee this will be on the menu at our house the rest of summer.

Hope you had great first weekend of summer!

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