10 on 10

1. Finished weaving in the ends of the Bunny Hop baby blanket.

2. Will block said baby blanket tomorrow.

3. Excited to cast-on a new knitting project tomorrow.

4. Loving my new apron that I made yesterday at my sewing class. (More on that later this week.)

5. Can't wait to figure out what I'll make for my next sewing project!

6. Had a good workout tonight. I love that I feel strong after doing weights.

7. Sat down to do some job searches since I'm a stay-at-home chihuahua mama again.

8. Looking forward to hanging with Max & Sparky (but hopefully not for too long)!

9. Watched the 49er's lose, AGAIN!

10. But I also watched the Giants WIN! 

All in all it was truly a good day!

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