done and done

With all this time on I my hands, I no longer have an excuse not to finish Miss H's baby blanket. Hopefully she (and her mama) will like it and make good use of it this winter.

I finally weaved in the ends over the weekend, but the blocking-the more difficult part of finishing-still needed to be done. I was apprehensive about blocking since I didn't block the first baby blanket I made. I found a awesome blocking tutorial at The Purl Bee which put me at ease. It was perfect because it didn't require soaking in water which meant quicker drying time. It also helped that the day I blocked it it was quite hot. I also blocked a scarf I finished earlier this year in March.

The blanket is a bit larger on one side than the other, but it's still rectangular-ish, besides I'm still just a newbie. Not too shabby for my second baby blanket especially given the pattern! So happy about how it turned out!

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