friday random

My brain is fried from lack of sleep.  I don't know what on earth possessed me to go to bed so late knowing full well that I had to go to work the next morning. This means that I have not one eloquent brain cell right now so bullet points are all that you get.
  • Getting a haircut tomorrow, debating on whether I should back to a short cut (which is easier to take care of) or try to grow it a little longer.
  • Waiting patiently for (what little) persimmon (we have) to ripen.
  • Coveting Still Life over at Studio Calico. People, please put me out of my misery or I just might cave and buy it (J will not be happy!).
  • Drooling over Brooklyn Tweed aka Jared Flood's new line of yarn. Just absolutely gorgeous! The best part it is purely sourced and made in the US.

So happy it's October! Now just 49 days until Heavenly opens! Have a great first weekend of October!

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