59 days

That would be the number of days until Christmas! And so starts the flurry of cardmaking in my house. This year, in addition to handmade cards, I also want to make handmade gifts, both non-edible and edible. I'll probably make biscotti and cookies for edible gifts, but I'm not sure what to make for non-edible gifts. But before I can even begin to make cards I need to update the card and gift list which I am expect to be an ugly task since I haven't updated it in a couple years and most likely will need to be completely overhauled. Ugh! Let me show you what I mean.

As you can see there are a lot of envelopes, a LOT of envelopes. And somewhere in there are a couple of lists, most likely from the year I got married, SIX years ago! So I have my work cut for me. I guess I better get to it!


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