weekends were made for fun. . .usually

Once again it was an "action" packed weekend in my household, just not the fun kind. Still working on cleaning the condo, but we're much closer to finishing as of today! Need to get it on the market quick. And tennis lessons are meh. Kind of disheartening to have the instructor point in front of everyone out that you're totally uncoordinated. Not cool!

However, the weekend did have it's happy moments. On Friday I recieved some happy mail from Krystyn at Remember Moments. The package contained a card kit from her that I won from the lovely Vee about a week ago. Can't wait to put these together! (All pictures are from Vee's blog!)

I also did manage to get a little crafty myself on Saturday night, finally finishing my December Daily from 2008 (hah!) and starting my layout from my own circle journal in 2007 (another "hah!'). The theme was "Guilty Pleasures." Mine all involve food and drink: Peet's Dark Chocolate Freddo, Herd of Laughter Ice Cream, and Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears.

It's a work in progress, but I'm really happy about it so far. I will share it when I'm done. Hoping I'll have time during the week to work on it!

Have a great week! xoxo

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cindy said...

Love your cards. Fabulous work!!


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