vegas, baby!

Jay and I went to Vegas over the weekend for a little getaway. So much fun! Just a warning, this is a picture heavy post. And before you get any ides, we're the "gamble, eat, see a show" type, although we skipped the show this time around since we couldn't agree on one. We gambled, mostly video poker, but we also played live blackjack. I hit blackjack about eight time and ended up winning $150. We did a lot of eating too. From Bouchon to Postrio to Bellagio's Sunday brunch to tapas at Firefly, it was definitely a weekend of over indulgence. And the most important part we also got to catch up with some of my favorite peeps. Special mahalo goes out to Jared for the great food at Postrio. Loved the ahi and sweet corn ravioli!

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