world card making day 2010

About this time every year I start thinking about designing my Christmas cards. Yes, while I haven't yet put up my Fall decorations, but I have started to think about my Christmas cards. Last year was a complete, epic FAIL. I cheated and bought a box cards from Papayrus, but I vowed never to do that again.

I mention this because just like scrapbooking has it's day in May, so does the wonderful art of card making.

This Saturday is World Card Making Day. What exactly is World Card Making Day you ask? Originally started by Papercraft's magazine to kick off the holiday card making, it is a day to celebrate handmade cards along with other cardmakers around the world.

I'm normally not a cardmaker, in fact, I think I've actually seen pigs fly when I've made one. But with the holiday season slowly creeping closer, this is a good a time as any to start making (or at least designing) this year's card. It might be a collection of cards since I have lots of bits and pieces leftover from previous years as well as from last year's ill-fated December Daily (which I may or may not revive in the not so distant future). Hopefully this weekend, instead of thinking, there will be a lot of doing.

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