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I'm finally tackling the beast I've been avoiding for months: weaving in the ends of the baby blanket for Miss H. I'm not allowing myself to cast-on for this, which is also for her, until I finish this blanket.  So if I want to have the jumper done in time for Christmas (crossing my fingers and toes) I need to start, like yesterday.

Truth be told, I finished knitting the blanket about a month after she was born, but I felt like I needed a break. From the monster that it became in my life. I should have know that it was trouble when it initially took me three attempts to cast-on.  Of course, my problems didn't end there. Early on in I knit a row twice instead of going on to the next row and flipped the pattern. Although it set me back timewise, I ripped back to the problem area and started again. Then I also managed to knit the rows wrong, not once, but several times. As if I couldn't make matters worse, I left my pattern in the plane pocket (luckily it was easily re-printable).

It truly was a huge undertaking for a second project. And as you can see, it was a long and arduous road. However, despite the challenges I came out of if a much better one, though quite tortured.

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