toffee mocha

Over the weekend I had my first, of what will probably be many this fall, at Starbucks. At least until they start serving mint mochas (my deference to Pete's notwithstanding). I wanted so bad not to like them, especially after my first sip, but after a couple more sips, it turned out to be very delicious! Now if only the weather would cooperate; humidity and a hot mocha just do not make a great pair! And unfortunately, it looks like we may be getting an Indian summer after all.

I'm super excited about premiere week! Seems like forever since I last watched some TV and not just clicking through the schedule. All my favorite shows start this week: Chuck, Glee, Supernatural, Criminal Minds and Smallville. And kicking it off tonight is Chuck! Can't wait to see how they weave Mama Bartowski into the storyline. All I can say is our DVR is going to be working overtime. Happy Monday!

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