abalone sweater update

After knitting two baby blankets last year practically back to back, I wanted to knit something for me.  It was spring, so I decided on Abalone, a cute short sleeved sweater that I could easily use through summer.  I excitedly cast-on and mindlessly, but happily knit a stockinette pattern during my commute on BART.  Eventually, as with all my projects it seems, the sweater was set aside for another project, Clara (which deserves a whole separate post).

Fast forward to a couple months ago.  I thought I'd take another stab at knitting Abalone, after all, it was spring again.  As I re-acquainted myself with the pattern I soon discovered that I had knit more rows that needed.  Way.  More.  Rows.  

I've been slowly tinking back to get it to the right length so I can actually knit and possibly finish.  I know I really should just insert a lifeline to the correct length, but my last attempt at inserting a lifeline was less than successful.   So patiently I continue.

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